Sunday, February 9, 2014

Moving Forward 2014

Hey all, I'm just back from Chinese New Year celebration. I applied for 2 weeks holidays and spent the holidays at Ipoh with family and friends. I managed to try many local delicacies with friends during our gathering and I wished that my holidays would last longer than reality.

Time flies really fast as we are approaching to mid of February month. After the CNY celebration, I need to shift my attention to my examination and upcoming works. Yes, you are right! While working, we still need to sit for our examination to gauge the technical competency.

I will blog more often and stay tune for updates

Wednesday, November 6, 2013


It's kinda weird that hashtag is used for the title of this post but sometimes innovation is needed to make things better. When I was listening to radio this morning, the radio DJ said that SPM and STPM examinations began today and it reminded me on how I've gone through the same examination back to 2005.

I could remember that I've to sit for many papers in three consecutive weeks before I declared the independence day began in my life after SPM'05. During the said period, I've sleepless nights and lost my appetite as well. The pressure and stress kept building up in myself and I constantly told myself that I need to excel in this examination as I could not afford to fare worse than what I did for the trial examinations.

Finally, the last day of examination has arrived and I rewarded myself with a scoop of ice-cream from McDonald. I believed that I did well in SPM'05 and now I could only leave everything to God to decide on my fate in the examination results. 

After waited for 3 months, the results were released. Although I didn't score straight A1s (my time), my results were outstanding too. I was really proud of myself at that moment. Despite having good results, my scholarship application to further study overseas was rejected by Public Service Department (PSD).

I continued with my form sixth studies and took my STPM in 2007. In 2012, I finished my engineering degree in one of the renowned research universities in Malaysia. 

To all students that currently sitting for SPM'13 and STPM'13, good luck and all the best in the examinations. I believe that your future will be same or better than mine and I hope that my stories can be  a motivation for all of you.


Friday, September 13, 2013

Now and Then

OMG! This blog is pretty dead and the update is constantly dwindling over the years. Have a look!

It is really pathetic and I think my working life is really taking the leisure time out from me. Nothing much I can shout out this year because it has been a mundane year for me. No oversea trip, no good achievement and the list goes on.

The end of the year will be coming soon and I hope that I will utilize my days and time for better use. Adios!

Friday, May 17, 2013

Why Join MNC?

I want to share my feeling on this topic. It has been 8 months that I've worked with MNC after my graduation. Initially, I felt very proud with myself that I was able to secure the job opportunity from MNC but this feeling was fading by days. Upon receiving the offer letter, I have the mixed feeling because I was sent to Kuantan (which is far from my hometown) but I convinced myself that I need to gain the working experience before I could make the next move. Being the fresh graduate, we can't be very choosy about the jobs. Hence, I took the challenges and travelled to Kuantan last October. For the first few months, I just sat in the classroom for training program and we were exposed to various subjects regarding the company.

Finally, the classroom training program came to the end in February this year and we were segregated to different departments in the company. Three of us were sent to the same department and we were briefed by the manager about the job scope and expectations. After spending 4 months in the department, I didnt feel that I was given the same workloads and job explosure than the rest and I felt that I can't learn much to equip myself with necessary technical knowledge. I spent most of my time reading materials in the office and I don't get the chance to be involved in the engineering project whilst the rest did. 

Today my boss asked whether I was busy or not and I replied no. He was shocked when I replied him in this way and he said that I should get myself busy with works because I received high pay from the company. But how am I going to be busy when the boss is not delegating the jobs well between us. At this moment, I can't do anything but I have to be patient and persevere.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Top 5 in 2012 - P&G Business Challenge 2012

P&G Business Challenge!! An event that the final year student should participate in before he/she graduates from university because it has too much to offer.....Actually, it was my second attempt to join this event and I managed to nail it. 

The reason why I want to join this event is because it has the similar concept to the popular tv show 'The Apprentice' that made famous by the billionaire, Donald Trump in 2004. During the event, we were divided into 4 groups and we were required to brainstorm on the marketing strategy to be used for selling the particular product. In the end, the group who gained the highest profit would win the challenge. 

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Top 5 in 2012 - S-SPEC Winner

Happy New Year and I hope it's not too late to wish everyone here. I would like to take this opportunity to do some recaps on what I've achieved in the year of 2012. I'm proud to announce that I'm the grand prize winner of Shell Inter-Varsity Student Paper Presentation Contest (S-SPEC 2012) under undergraduates category. It was my second attempt to win this coveted prize and I had additional RM2,000 in my pocket after the event. In year 2011, I did participate in this competition but I went home with empty handed and this spurred me on joining this event again before I'm officially graduated from Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM).

The highlight of the event was my money got stolen at the night before the event started.

For more information, please log on Please the opportunity to participate this amazing event and I believe that you won't regret later.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Call Me Maybe ?!

Last week, I went for medical checkup and I also receive offer letter from P's hr. I will attend the training in Bangi on 1/10/12 and this training will last for two weeks. Coincidentally, my convo is held on 13/10/12 (Saturday, morning session) and so I have a day break for myself . The training is pretty intensive because it will be carried out in the weekends and public holiday (if there is) as well. This Thursday, I missed out an important call because I was still sleeping!! I hope that I will receive this call again because this call is important for my future endeavors. I plea to you that you will call me again.